We live in a medieval slum & eat only White Castle


NextDoor and Facebook are in constant competition to be my least favorite social network. Our local NextDoor is a kind of empathy-Olympics with commenters trying to outdo one another discussing who deserves empathy in any given situation. I’m not sure why we can’t feel bad for everyone in a bad situation, but it seems very important that there only be one villain and one victim. It’s exhausting!

So, while I try and spend as little time on NextDoor as possible I do get a daily update email. When I got one with the subject “Fecal Matter All About” I had to click through and learn the phrase “untoileted neighbors.”

In this episode of Baffling Cyclops, Pepper and I discuss the possible people poop problem in our neighborhood. Can you tell if poop is human or canine? Or, as one NextDoor commenter suggested, do you need to get a poop DNA test and hunt people down like some kind of turd-centric Terminator?

Also, David remembers the field trips he took as a kid. Since Columbus, Ohio is the fast food capital of the world, it makes sense that they were to MacDonald’s and White Castle. You can read about the experiment where someone ate only White Castle hamburgers for 13 weeks here.

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I couldn’t find the exact MacDonald’s training video that I watched, but in my memory it was from the same series as this one.

Thanks for reading and listening,

David and Pepper