Tidy pantries, Captain Trips, and ditsy gingham


There is nothing profound to say this time.

It has been a really weird and unsettling couple of weeks and we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied with our quest for bucatini and watching silly shows. Of course, every week for the last year has been weird. It really feels like everything is just a strange, chaotic mess…

Except for Pepper’s pantry!

With the help of some clever containers and a labelmaker, our pantry is now the quiet center of the storm going on around us.

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Some fancy looking, and pricey, tinned fish at Big John’s PFI.

Ditsy Gingham.

Peanut earrings.

A 1980s commercial featuring Lazziebear and Lazziedog. The dog came with a digital watch! (He’s a watch dog. Get it?!?)

Thanks for reading and listening,

David and Pepper