Seattle is mostly open!


The big news near our house is this jerk of a robin that seems to have a huge problem. At first, we thought it was protecting a nest when it swooped at us and attacked other birds, but over the course of a month, we realized that the robin was getting more and more disheveled. He especially dislikes me (David) and resents me feeding other birds.

Pepper has been busy with framing up some old art. We were going to frame some of the sketches Brandon Bird sent us for our Sear’s painting, but Pepper ended up using it for one of her own crow drawings.

Seattle has opened back up! That means that my sister and brother-in-law could come to visit and we could travel around Seattle. Downtown was terrible, the Pike Place Market was just starting to wake up back up, and we had a delicious meal at The Whale Wins.

Also, I’ve been enjoying listening to Jennifer Jason Leigh read Quentin Tarantino’s novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… If I had done more research first, I probably would have purchased an actual book instead. It’s done up like a 1970s mass market paperback, complete with ads for other books and a great cover with stills from the movie.

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