Retail arbitrage and magic drama


We’re back in the saddle this week with a couple of interesting topics. Pepper talks about retail arbitrage and Rae Dunn pottery based on this video and this article on Vice. When we were shopping at Home Goods I teasingly suggested we buy these Rae Dunn mugs. Pepper was not having it!

I brought up our neighbor’s porch crotch. It reminds me so much of the 1980s. For a brief period, student art installations seemed to be mostly mannequins, dangling wires, and a TV sets playing a loop of the artist ranting about social issues or setting themselves on fire.

Then, I talk about my lifelong love of magic and magicians that led to the Archie McPhee Houdini Action Figure. Also, we delve into the magic drama going on over at the Houdini blog, Wild About Houdini. Take a look for yourself and see if you think they have found THE water torture cell or if someone has crafted their own torture device to tempt David Copperfield.

At what point does the amount of detail in a story signal to you that it might not be true?

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Here’s a video of people talking about Rae Dunn and their collections. Seriously, you can watch tons of videos of people showing off their Rae Dunn .

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