Raccoons and Coco


It snowed! Pepper and I have been enjoying the odd wonder that is Seattle under 10” of the white stuff.

Also, it’s Valentine’s Day! As a treat, I got George the Monkey to record a romantic message to Pepper. I told his keepers how much Pepper liked to watch George eat mealworms, so they gave him extra!

We’ll talk about her reaction next week. (Spoiler Alert: She liked it.)

On the podcast, we discuss the raccoons that have lived and still live on our back porch. This includes the legendary Scarback who has lived longer than raccoons are supposed to live while hanging-on by a thread the entire time. While you can’t see the scar in the picture below, you can see its notched ear and the look it gives me if I try to tell it to leave.

Then, we wonder which Cameo celebrity would be the best to record a message to get the racoons off our porch. I suggested Peter Noone, David Yow or Ice-T. When I tweeted about it, the hilarious Sock Cop recorded one for us!

Also, Pepper tells the story of her transcendent experience with Coco (and Ice-T) in an airport on a very bad day.

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David and Pepper

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