Nervous breakdown from the weight of doves


This week we talk about a burlesque dancer, Dovita (Rosita), who worked with doves, and ponder whether Pepper could have a similar act with crows.

I stumbled across a mention of Dovita on the Twitter account of New Yorker writer Rachel Syme, who assembled a bunch of research very quickly.

Also, Tim sent me this thread which points out that there is a connection between Rosita and Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. The birds miss her!

While looking for info on Rosita, I found references to the world’s tallest burlesque dancer. Irene Jewell, who performed under the name Ricki Covette, was 6’ 8” tall! Click her name to read an article about her life, she’s amazing!

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Also, if you’d like to see Rosita’s act after she dropped the doves and went with something a bit more tropical, take a look at this video.

Thanks for reading and listening,

David and Pepper