Monkey diapers and naked worshippers


It’s no secret that we love watching the George the Monkey open packages, but Pepper is also fascinated by his diaper. So, she did a deep dive into how to diaper a monkey and discovered there are two methods: either cut a hole in the diaper or use the tail-wrap method. I think no matter what method you use, the monkey is not going to be happy.

I was looking for some semi-rare Japanese sofubi toys and couldn’t figure out how to search for them. That’s when I discovered that Google Lens does a pretty good job identifying things these days. A few years ago we tried to use it to identify items we purchased at estate sales and the results were terrible.

However, using the current version, Pepper admired a pair of shoes in a YouTube video and I was able to screencap them, put them into Google Lens and figure out how to buy them within a minute of her calling them cute.

As with most “free” internet services, this one is primarily designed for commerce. So, you are much more likely to be able to identify something if someone has it for sale in a place that Google can get a cut. Of course, you can also use it to scan and translate text, identify plants and animals, as well as complete the word problems you have to do for homework. I use it at work and while shopping at Uwajimaya.

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If you’d like to learn how to diaper a monkey using the tail-wrap method just watch this.

This is the Claire Saffitz video that had Pepper searching for shearling clogs.

Here is the package of naked worshippers I found. Now I want them! Is it narcissistic to yearn for a package of worshippers?

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David and Pepper