Life in an influencer house


This week Pepper cleaned our garbage disposal with ice. Thank goodness it was already pretty clean!

Then, based on this Harper’s article, we talked about what it was like to live inside a TikTok influencer house. The house is called Clubhouse FTB (for the boys) (Yikes!) and has since disbanded for being unprofitable. Nathan Fielder did an excellent, creepy satire of one of these houses.

According to a poll released in 2019, some 54 percent of Americans between the ages of thirteen and thirty-eight would, if given the chance, become a social-media influencer. A whopping 23 percent believed that this term already fit them.

After talking about Clubhouse, we got interested in the Wish mansion in Bel Air. It’s a giant branded space for influencers to gather and shoot their videos, eat snacks, play video games and advertise Wish. This video is typical of the tours people do of the mansion, which seems to be the payment for admission to the mansion.

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