Glowsferatu and sleepy podcasts


Just a short (and early) episode this week as we recover from what has been one the most stressful weeks of what has been an especially stressful year. We did try and deal with it by getting treats for each other, shown later in this newsletter, and practicing some self-care. Pepper talks about the podcasts she uses to sleep. She enjoys Nothing Much Happens when they don’t have her visualize lying down in grass without a blanket and Sleep With Me. I’ve also included a clip from a show called Get Sleepy about setting up a bakery on a lovely rainy Saturday.

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The adorable Halloween bag Pepper decorated for our neighbor’s kids.

The wolfman that helps Pepper with her Poshmark. He’s getting really good at sharing her closet.

That creep, Glowserferatu, looking all high and mighty on his wireless speaker throne. We know from being around him that vampires either don’t wear socks or, if they do, they wear ankle socks. I’m betting it’s no socks and stinky feet that smell like a mix between cheese and a corpse.

Pepper’s new headband that makes it possible for her to listen to podcasts in bed without sore ear holes.

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David and Pepper

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