Giant heads, squirrel butts, and lightning detectors


This week we follow up on the search for bucatini (We got some! Thank you, Elicia!) and talk about two pieces of technology that we loved looking at but will probably never own.

After the fence in our backyard was blown over, we temporarily repurposed one of our security cameras as a wildlife camera. We got this shot of a squirrel, two crows, and a Steller’s Jay patiently waiting in line to eat peanuts.

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The first article we discuss was from the San Francisco Gate, and you should click through to at least look at the pictures. Or, if you want a MicroClimate Air, go to the website for details.

And if you think that maybe they exaggerated how weird it looks for the Gate article, take a look at the first picture on the product page. They want you to wear some distinctive sunglasses while wearing the Air. I guess it’s so people will remember you, but they won’t recognize you.

The article I really recommend is this description of a lightning strike support group. It’s a fascinating and moving account of what it’s like to be struck by lightning—lots of great details, including the distinctive scars. The electronic device that’s mentioned in passing, a lightning detector, is a real thing. If anyone gets one, let us know how well it works. Science!

I almost forgot I promised squirrel butts!

Thanks for reading and listening,

David and Pepper