Flocky the tree


As I experienced the full retail force of the upcoming Christmas season, Pepper put up our tree this week with a festive bee and Steller’s Jay theme. She even got some blown glass peanut ornaments from Etsy to faux-feed the glass Jays. She really outdid herself this year, it looks amazing!

Probably stemming from my general holiday tiredness, I was fascinated to learn that the Swedes have a word for irritating small talk: dödprat (“dead talk”).

That the big brand for flocking supplies is called Just Flock It! makes me happy. Also, I love this video of George the Monkey hoarding cashews.

Steller’s Jays with peanut ornaments.

Beehive ornament, peanut, and peeper.

The book Pepper used to explain her ranking system for books based on price and quality.

Here’s a little tree flocking for your moment of zen.

Thank you for reading and listening!

David and Pepper

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