Flocking and monkey unboxing


As we enter the holiday season we do not have visions of sugar plums in our heads. Instead, Pepper is dreaming of a tiny flocked Christmas tree and I’m, as usual, dreaming about monkeys. We’ll premiere our tree next week, but for now, you can see it as it was when Pepper unwrapped it in our garage.

Was she as excited as George the Monkey is when he opens packages? Probably not. But definitely more excited than Georgie was drinking beet juice.

My new goal is to approach new things with the same gusto George has when opening packages. If it’s not for me, I can easily toss it aside, but starting with that much passion surely makes everything better. Of course, I will also have to watch my consumption of dried fruit. No sugar plums for me.

My hope for you is that you have someone who loves you as much as beavers love plungers.

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These are the crow lamps suggested by Maya! Thanks, Maya!

The elusive, and long discontinued, flock-faced shell monkey from Archie McPhee.

Need to relax? Just watch George unbox a few items.

Thank you for reading and listening!

David and Pepper

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