Fake tuna and an extra inch makes a difference


Why would you bother to put fake tuna on a Subway sandwich? What is cheaper than fake tuna? Wouldn’t you be able to charge more for fake tuna? I’ve been really interested in this lawsuit against Subway. It made me remember the rogue sandwich shop in Seattle that kept running even after the owner abandoned it and stopped paying people.

While the lawsuit has zero proof that there is no tuna in a Subway sandwich, they did use their thesaurus to say it over and over again:

  • “In reality, the Products do not contain tuna nor have any ingredient that constitutes tuna.”

  • ”The Products lack tuna and are completely bereft of tuna as an ingredient.”

  • “The filling in the Products has no scintilla of tuna at all.”

  • “The Products entirely lack any trace of tuna as a component, let alone the main or predominant ingredient.”

Pepper thought she was ordering oversized dinner plates but ended up ordering six saucers for $26 each.

This is not our neighbor, but our neighbor does this in his front yard for hours. Imagine two little kids just staring at him with a concerned look for 20 minutes.

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