Cult diets and ghost doctors


In this episode, Pepper and I use a plane crash as a jumping-off point to talk about cults, food, and doctors revealing whole areas of medicine from beyond the grave. The plane crash tragically killed many of the leadership of the Remnant Fellowship Church. We had never heard of the church and a little research indicated that you had to be skinny, or on your way, to be a member. Also, if you are hungry for emotional reasons, you should read the Bible until you’re full. Or something…

I’ve been reading about D.D. Palmer the founder of chiropractic. He used magnets for treating illnesses until the ghost of a dead doctor appeared to him during a spiritual retreat and taught him about spinal adjustment. We talk about how he learned a good joke can cure deafness. The crutches by the door in his office are a nice touch.

Oh, and a bonus picture of the time I got to do the Keith Morrison lean while being filmed by his crew! It was one of those life moments you didn’t know you wanted until it happened.

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