Cannibal sandwich and Pepper caterpillar


The big news this week? Pepper got a new coat with three (3) mouth-covering scarves built into it. The guys that hang out and fix cars on the corner have started calling her “the caterpillar.” I’ve been telling her that she’s becoming the main character in our neighborhood. She asked me if I would care if she wore it to watch TV in the evening. I told her it was fine with me, but I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so she can hatch from her cocoon.

We also talk about some of the strange Christmas decorations in our neighborhood. Including what I’ve started calling the repelling rappelling Santa. As you can see below, it sure looks like they are hanging Santa with a tiny noose. I guess the war on Christmas was real after all!

Scroll down for more pictures and notes from this episode. Including the cannibal sandwich picture that Pepper thought was a-sgusting.

Oh, and George got a ball pit!

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This is the pink tree with the fake crow in it. It’s also the best picture I got of a crow (lower left) not eating the peanuts I put down. They did not want to appear in the frame with that faux-crow in a kitschy tree.

Another picture of that Santa so you can see what it looks like from the street. Imagine this swaying back and forth in the breeze.

This is the cannibal sandwich. It’s a polarizing sandwich that has divided Wisconsin and prompted the health department to speak out against it. Here’s a traditional recipe in case you want to try it yourself. There are plenty of people out there who have fancied it up, but it really is just egg, raw meat, and onion on untoasted bread.

Central Ohio, my old stomping ground, was known for fried bologna sandwiches in the distant past. I found one place in Waldo, Ohio that was still serving them in the traditional way. What is it with traditional sandwiches and raw onion?

Thanks for reading and listening!

Hope you are comfortable and warm during the holidays,

David and Pepper

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